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A classic game of skill and action that's easy to learn and fun toplay! Drop the monkeys in the treetop, roll the color die and pull a matching stick, look out don't make the monkeys tumble.

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Tumblin' monkeys game by mattel 100% complete - near mint condition tumblin' monkeys game by mattel 100% complete - near mint conditionthis game is complete including instructions. All game pieces are in near mint to mint condition. The box is in excellent to near mint condition with good strong corners and seams - with very very minor shelf wear.

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As no reading is required to play, the Tumblin' Monkeys Game is perfect for younger kids. Game comes with 1 bright yellow, translucent plastic palm tree so you can see the monkeys wriggle as you try to catch their curly tails on plastic sticks. Also included are 30 monkeys, 30 multiple colored sticks, and a special die. For 2 to 4 players.

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tumblin monkeys peli

Hi! Welcome to TheMonkey's channel! This channel is run by a 21 year old named Tanner. Here you will see mainly Roblox content, as well as other many other g

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tumblin monkeys peli

I disagree - just finished a few games of Tumblin' Monkeys with my 14 year old - make up your own rules - our last game we had to just whip the sticks out quickly - no mucking about - even after 11 years it still has something to offer! 9 January 2015 at 23:30

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Every Wednesday we have a school day where all we do is play games. Games are highly educational even if they have no direct relation to academics. Today my five year old chose to play TumblinMonkeys. TumblinMonkeys is game of strategy and fun. To play you need to… Continue reading

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This game is similar to the classic Ker Plunk. Players drop plastic monkeys through the hole in the top of the clear plastic "tree". Several colored sticks are skewered through the tree trunk to keep the monkeys from dropping.

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I was trying to choose between Ker Plunk, Honey Bee Tree, and Tumblin' Monkeys. I had Ker Plunk when I was 10yo and remembered the marbles wouldn't be appropriate for a toddler. Also, the reviews mention that it is made inexpensively compared to the original one.

Tumblin' Monkeys Game

•30 Monkeys •30 Sticks in 3 colors •1 Die Please remove all contents from the package and compare them to the above list. If any of the items are missing, please call 1-800-524-TOYS. Colors and decorations may vary from those shown. OBJECT To carefully pull colored sticks from the tree trunk without letting the Monkeys tumble out of the tree.

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